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Fibre or textile based works utilizing a wide variety of techniques. 

Works that have been shown in the public domain. 


​​3D works in metal, wood, stone, etc. 


Fiona Legg


1. The Maze Project and A Distant Memory 2 is in its final week and ends 

March 24, 2018. Check gallery hours. And yes, I made the maze sculpture

ENTIRELY by myself! :). Stay tuned for the future of this sculpture!!!

2. I am extremely pleased to be working with an enthusiastic group from 

Barrie through funding from the OAC (Artists in Communities and 

Schools Projects). We will be exploring different types of sculpture - it will 

be fun!!!

3. Work is underway for the sculptures being fabricated for the Elora 

Sculpture Project (2018) and the Canadian Sculpture Competition (2018-


4. I am excited about 2 upcoming group exhibitions: 

- Spaces in Between at Neilson Park Creative Centre in April, and Painting with the Past at Double Door gallery in May

5. Also coming up, Flames of Guilt will be exhibited at the OSA's 145th Annual Open Juried Exhibition                               

6. Exceptionally written review of 'The Maze Project' exhibition by Juilee Raje of 



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