​​​​I am an emerging mixed media sculptor based in Barrie, Ontario. After about 3 years of learning the ropes regarding making and exhibiting, on a very part time basis, I quit my 25 year career as an occupational therapist on December 31, 2016 to become a full time artist - and I am very happy with this decision!

I create objects that typically have a political theme or message. I like to 'shine a light in a dark corner' and focus on issues that are frequently ignored, or add to existing dialogue around important issues. My main focus to date has been on the environment, and also women's issues. 

I enjoy using a wide variety of media in my work - from metal to wood, ceramics to paint. Many of my objects include a fibre component. I have always used fibres in a craft capacity and am now enjoying using these skills in my artwork. I believe that fibres  have a comforting or humanizing element, and I use them as such in my work. 

I create objects for exhibition/sale, outdoor sculptures for display/sale, and installations (indoor or outdoor)  for commission or for exhibition. I will take commissions upon request. 

I have nearly finished up my first cohesive body of work - 'Careless Remnants' which was assisted through a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. I am now also working on a collaborative project with Ashley Groves, poet.  

I just finished my largest project to-date -a commission titled The Maze Project....it has taken 450+ hours SO FAR to build!!!!! The big reveal was at Tangled Arts + Disability Gallery, March, 2018. 

I like the idea of collaborative projects, and also projects that involve groups of people as makers. I am presently working on two sculptures for the Canadian Sculpture Competition and the Elora Project, as well as a global collaborative project that I have created regarding menstruation. My next collection of works will be needle felted sculptures on a very large scale. 

My studio is at Art in House, Barrie, Ontario. Visits are welcome any time with advanced notice!!!

​Artist Statement