​Fiona Legg is a mixed media sculptor who has been working professionally as a sculptor for three years; full time for one year. She identifies as MAD, bisexual and female. She has received some sculptural training via part-time studio courses at Georgian College, but is primarily self educated. She works with a very wide range of media, often with a fibre component – fibre interests her as she has significant experience with textiles, and feels that fibre  can add a humanizing, familiar element to a work that can attract and interest the viewer. She does all the work herself, except for welding – for which she hires a sculptor who welds.

Her work is primarily socially focused, on a variety of themes. It is important to her to use her work to ‘shine a light in dark corners’ – to highlight issues that she feels require discussion and attention. She does this via symbolism, use of media, and sometimes humor. Her influences are current affairs and history, as it relates to her community.  Topics range from the environment and women’s issues, to more obscure issues such as personal health concerns. 

She has participated in the Canadian Sculpture Competition twice, the Elora Sculpture Project (2016 – student award winner) (2018), and the Canadian History Hall. She has received commissions from the Gardiner Museum, and Tangled Arts + Disability Gallery, both to create large scale works. She has a piece (a red dress sculpture commemorating the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada) in the permanent collection at the Canadian Museum of History. She continues to participate in solo and group exhibitions all over Ontario.