The Neilson Park show has ended:

With thanks to the following:

- Canada Council for the Arts

- Ontario Arts Council

- Neilson Park Creative Centre

'The Missing Sin' is a solo exhibition now open at Art in House, Barrie - is a series of necklaces based on the seven sins....

'The Great Pacific Garbage Patch' is installed at Neilson Park Creative Centre. I had about 45 bags of clear plastic containers collected...they were cleaned by Jillian and Evelyn MacBean using an innovative drying technique, and then I beaded them with three ropes (red=artery, blue= vein and white=spinal cord). 

Rather horrifyingly, since all the containers were single use....meaning that they had been made to do one hold 6 muffins, or a few cups of orange juice....about 10 bags were sidelined because the plastic was so thick I literally could not put my knife through them, which seems grossly excessive use of materials to make a container.  

'Excuse me, Ma'am? You have a hole in your ozone layer (#3)' (2018)  Steel, skirt auto painted. 

This beauty got the cadillac treatment of me driving her to New Brunswick for the Canadian Sculpture Competition 2018-2019. 


​​Current Events

What Lies Beneath - a global collaborative project by Fiona Legg regarding menstruation....finished pads are arriving from all over the world daily now - so exciting and each is so unique and thought provoking. 

You can see them on the 'What Lies Beneath' page on this website. Updated daily. 

The sculptures have been started and can be seen on the same webpage. 


the 'Careless Remnants' collection will be shown twice this summer...

1. In it's entirety of approximately 22 pieces (the only time this will likely occur) at Neilson Park Creative Centre.

2. at Barrie City Hall (wall hung pieces only) for the months of July and August. 

The Maze Project has moved to Alton Mills Art Centre, Caledon, ON ...from May 4-October 31, 2018. A lovely spot for a day trip!!!!! It is now happily useable  (the bench I mean, not as a climbing frame!!!) .

Outdoor life is hard on this sculpture, which collects dust, leaves, bugs etc - and rocks that people are throwing at it. I'm now going out every 2 weeks to clean and fix it - please let me know if anything needs tending to if you happen to notice. thanks!!!   :)

A Distant Memory 2 has been sold and will soon be starting a new life appropriately on a bee farm!


'Excuse me, Ma'am? You have a hole in your ozone layer (#2)' is installed in Elora for the Elora Sculpture Project, 2018. I painted this sculpture myself, and she is complete and ready to go!!!

It was a laborious and painstaking process to fabricate these sculptures...first I made her out of wood (sand, and sand some more - and literally blew up my first sander -, and varnish), then make mold, then weld hundreds and hundreds of small metal pieces into the mold, take it out, and then weld around each individual piece...then grind. I'm really pleased with the unexpected texture that this process made however !!! Typically Derek Martin, sculptor does all of my welding - but due to the huge amount of time involved, he kindly welcomed me into his workshop to weld and assist with all parts of the process (or we would never have finished!) Hundreds of hours have gone into each sculpture  :)

Simply gorgeous photographs by Marlisha Lewis of two of the necklaces that I have fabricated for the series titled 'The Missing Sin', which has been published in the July/August edition of Be Creative with Workbox magazine.