Both 'Pressure Sore - Stage IV' and 'A Distant Memory 2' will participate in the exhibit 'Spaces in Between' at Neilson Park Creative Centre from April 16-May 6, 2018.

The Maze Project is moving to Alton Mills Art Centre, Caledon, ON ...from May 4-October 31, 2018. A lovely spot for a day trip!!!!!

.....p.s......A Distant Memory 2 will also be moving to Alton Mills Art Centre for the summer!

​​Current Events

I have now collected about 45 bags of clear plastic containers for my installation at Neilson Park Creative Centre in May/June titled 'The Great Pacific Garbage Patch'. Of course, I still have to clean EACH container, and bead am now going to every dollarama I see to clean them out of rope! 

What Lies Beneath - a global collaborative project by Fiona Legg regarding menstruation....finished pads are arriving from all over the world daily now - so exciting and each is so unique and thought provoking. 

You can see them on the 'What Lies Beneath' page on this website. Updated daily. 

Laborious and painstaking process to fabricate these sculptures...first make mold, then weld hundreds and hundreds of small metal pieces into the mold, take it out, and then weld around each individual piece...then grind. I'm really pleased with the unexpected texture that this process made however !!!

However, finally Phase I is complete...and off to the auto body shop!!!

'Flames of Guilt' (2017) - selected as one of 38 submissions from 462 submissions to be in the OSA's 145th Annual Open Juried Exhibition.....April 10-May 4 at John B. Aird gallery, Toronto, ON.