A Distant Memory. (2015). COR-TEN steel, wood, plastic. 64" x 54" x 4". 

Finalist, The Canadian Sculpture Competition 2016-2017. 

​Kingsbrae Garden, NB. 

A predictive work, made to commemorate the extinct bee. 


>1181 reasons (2015)

18" x 51" x 4"

Canadian Hall of History 2017-2022

Canadian Museum of History

(part of their permanent collection). 

With gratitude to Jaime Black, artist - creator of the REDress Project. 


This piece was made to commemorate the missing and murdered indigenous women of Canada, and to bring attention to the issue. It was made as an adjunct to the REDress project, with permission of Jaime Black, artist. 

There are 1181 crocheted strands of wool, with bead - one for each woman named in the 2012 RCMP report on the issue. The bodice consists of needlefelted circles, each with a ribbon naming a random Canadian community - with the message that this issue affects us all. 

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'Excuse me, Ma'am? You have a hole in your ozone layer (2 and 3)' (2018)

1. Finalist - Canadian Sculpture Competition, Kingsbrae Garden, NB

2. Elora Sculpture Project 2018

Coming to Alton Mills Arts Centre from May 5-October 31, 2018.....

1. The Maze Project

2. A Distant Memory 2

both on display in the gardens - a great way to spend an afternoon!!!

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We are Yorick.  (2016). Steel, wood, ceramics, textiles, lights. 5' x 5' x 7'. 

12 Trees exhibit. 

Commissioned by the Gardiner Museum. 


​A comment on the plight of the bee, and how it is possible for humans to stop the bee from becoming extinct. 

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The Maze Project (2017). Commissioned by Tangled Arts + Disability Gallery. Wood and Paint. 11' x 11' x 9.5'. 

Single Mother # 2.  (2016). Concrete, steel, wood, brass. 30" x 15" x 40". 

The Elora Sculpture Project 2016. 

​Elora, ON. 

Student Bursary Award Winner. 

A pregnant mother sits alone on a teeter-totter, facing motherhood alone. 


A Distant Memory 2 (2018). Mild steel. 

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