Poems by Ashley Groves

The Wound That Never Heals (2017). Printed cotton gauze. A Collaboration between Ashley Groves and Fiona Legg. 

'Quiet Things No One Ever Knew' (2017). Headboard, stickers. 56" x 60" x 4". A collaboration between Ashley Groves and Fiona Legg. 

Quiet Things No One Ever Knew


Secrets lie beneath the surface

she screams inside without a purpose

Lost in the dark she crawls into battle

she will not be rattled

Broken and bruised she raises her sword

Inside the silence she roars, this time she will

not be ignored

Through My Tear Stained Eyes

All alone I sit and stare,

Wondering why you're not there. 

Gutless, she whispers.....shhhh keep quiet or he will explode

"Don't upset the apple cart", her heart is so cold. 

Like the sacrificial lamb heading to slaughter, 

I opened my mouth to protect her, for I was her daughter. 

I can hear her soul quiver, her body tremble with fear, 

Frantically grasping for air, seemingly stuck in a snare. 

My soul screams a warrior's cry, 

But still my mother's eyes are dry. 

The hunter cowardly circles his prey, 

With on single lunge things will be fatal. 

She plays with fire, neglecting my cradle. 

I've lived a lifetime of shit and abuse, 

But don't think I'm cryin the blues,

It was my neck that had on a coloured bruise, 

I didn't think it was him that you'd choose. 

And through all the trauma, you just stood there, 

And you call yourself momma?

I'm over you, go cry to someone else, 

I don't need your drama. 

It's lonely and painful with no one to go to, isn't it?

Try being me as a child, 

and all that I went through. 

What you got was mild. 

I'm glad it's not your shoes that I grew into. 

If you could only see past your twisted view, 

I could have a mother I'd be proud to look up to!

Don't look so doe-eyed, Ma!

This isn't news

You're not innocent, you were there, 

Is that the life you wanted for your child?

Is that even fair?

My strength has come through for me yet again, 

I can finally see my sorrow will end. 

My road looks beautiful just around the bend. 

It's you that has to live with your repulsive taste in men. 

'Revulsion: Inside and Out'. (2017). Handmade dress (size 3), hanger, tshirt, paint. 19" x 24" x 2". A collaboration between Ashley Groves and Fiona Legg. 

Quiet Things No One Ever Knew

There she sleeps in silent slumber

Peaceful now her soul no longer screams

Ashes to ashes. Bone to bone

If only someone had of known

Porcelain pain she is no more

​Tears the flesh from spirit to core

A collaborative project between Ashley Groves, author, and Fiona Legg, artist.

His and Hers

Her body trembles, hoping this will be the 

last blow

His body convulses in sheer pleasure, he

is the sickest person she knows.

She looks up at him in disgust,

But once again, another thrust.

Her legs quiver, her small body lay lifeless

on the floor.

He does up his zipper and says 'stop

crying you whore'.

The blood slowly drips from her thighs, he

shows no remorse in his eyes. 

She is barely even three, he is supposed 

​to be her daddy. 

Warning: content may be upsetting to some.