Single Mother (2015)


A pregnant mother facing motherhood alone, sitting on a teeter totter with no partner. 


The Maze Project (2017)

Wood, shoes, concrete, lights. 

11' x 11' x 9.5'. 

A reflection of my ongoing personal experiences with mental health problems, the difficulty I have had to get better, and to access treatment that is effective. 

Exhibited March, 2018 - commissioned by Tangled Arts + Disability Gallery, Toronto. 

'A Distant Memory 2' (2017). Mild steel. 54" x 64" x 5". 

This piece was created for Tangled Art + Disability Gallery to be shown in conjunction with The Maze Project. 

​* Pieces shown here are not part of any collection.

Sculpture Other Materials

A Distant Memory (2015)

COR-TEN steel, wood, plastic

A predictive work, made to commemorate the extinct bee. 


Single Mother #2 (2016)

​Concrete, steel, wood, brass. 

A pregnant mother facing motherhood alone, sitting on a teeter-totter with no partner. 


January 2018.  My first attempt at ice carving at the Fire and Ice Festival at the Alton Hills Arts Centre. Unfortunately, it was so warm out that the ice melted before I could obtain any definition - after 1.5 hours, it was unworkable! A terrific experience though!!