What Lies Beneath (2018) (WORK IN PROGRESS)

This title piece refers to that first time we learned (or didn't) about menstruation / about the attitudes of those who were teaching us/ and the attitudes we developed. Shame is a prominent theme with the participants.

Under reconstruction

​Albatross (2018)

This carved woman has wings with feather each made out of one of the sanitary pads - all on a topic that hold people who menstruate back (social isolation, financial etc.). Menstruation becomes the albatross and prevents her from flying


The tampon: facilitating horseback riding since WWII (2018)

Developed a long time ago, the tampon was finally properly marketed around the time of WWII. As we are all aware, the advertisements for tampons can border on ridiculous at times. This 6' padded tampon contains sanitary pads that are humorous, positive or forward thinking. 

* i intend to take better photos...lighting in these is terrible

What Lies Beneath:

The Sculptures

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but..... (2018)

I became much more aware of the myriad of medical problems that can affect the female reproductive system through the feedback of the participants. This poor doll has pins in her abdomen each mentioning a medical problem that can occur. Unfortunately, many participants had tales of their uterine pain being ignored for far too long before the real cause was diagnosed. 

​Don't you hate it when you chip your set? (2018) Purchase tea cups, panel, handles, fabric of map of the world (same as is used in the pads), beads, embroidery thread, printable fabric, acrylic paint.

I observed that menstruation and the refugee experience had not been mentioned in any of the submitted sanitary pads, so I chose to create a sculpture on the topic. Two matching, pretty tea cups are placed over North America, and one has a small chip - which for some is a very irritating part of their day. Juxtapose this image with the red lines that surround each country that currently houses at least one (and often many) refugee camps. The beads indicate the country of origin of the majority of refugees at this time (info taken from UN data). We are clearly sheltered from these realities in North America in part due to our geography. I honestly cannot comprehend how menstruation is managed either getting to, or living in, a refugee camp. The stain of a used cup rests in the centre of the affected areas.