It took me about 5 days of SOLID MATH to figure out how to properly frame a tetrahedron. I was quite pleased that I actually did figure it out in the end and that it was accurate! :) 

I expect I used up at least 12 2x4's in the process, but I learned a lot. 

I made the sculpture over September, 2017 (it took me 350 hours) on my deck. It has been patiently waiting in storage ever since for March 1, 2018 when finally it will be seen in public!

This image to the right, to me, is the best reflection of my challenges with mental illness - it presents my feelings of  the scope and the effect mental illness has had on my life

Commissioned by Tangled Arts + Disability Gallery:

The Maze Project was installed at Tangled Arts + Disability Gallery from March 1-24, 2018.  NFS. Destroyed.

I do want to note that I designed and fabricated this sculpture entirely by myself. And I didn't even know how to use a drill when I started......

after 450 hours total, the sculpture is......FINALLY INSTALLED at Tangled Arts + Disability Gallery, Toronto. 

​The Maze Project

​The Maze Project sculpture is an 11’ wide, 11’ long, and 9.5’ tall tetrahedron made of wood.  Two of the walls are turquoise with a three dimensional intricate white maze covering them. On one of the walls, there is a pair of the artist’s shoes, encased in concrete, from which the maze emerges. The third wall is open for the viewer to enter. It is painted in an organic rounded black and white maze pattern. There is a pink light shining on this surface.  Some of the black and white walls have different textures on them. 

the final stop - I rebuilt The Maze Project at Alton Mills Arts Centre, abeit with some difficulty now that the wood is warping a bit and the ground was uneven - I did build a deck with Grant's help, but I don't think it was PERFECTLY flush and the maze needs perfect or it gets a little wonky. however, I have noticed that the bench is welcomed by young and old visitors and that people are enjoying the work, which is the main thing. A HUGE thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for exhibition assistance, and to Alton Mills Arts Centre for hosting it for 6 months!!!!!  It has now come down and gone to the dump, but it had a good run!

The Maze Project is a personal expression of my experiences with mental illness, as a MAD artist and a person – and also with family members with mental illness. The complicated and large exterior maze reflects the difficulties I have experienced being able to function, and the obstacles I have met trying to access any successful/useful help in the mental health system to try to get better. Navigating the mental health system has been a real challenge for me and for my family.  There is a pair of my shoes encased in concrete on one exterior wall, representing my own sensations at times regarding my ability to function. The tetrahedron shape of the sculpture is associated with stability and healing – and the turquoise colour of the exterior is associated with emotional balance.   

The interior of the maze is more organic and soothing, and represents a hope that the future will provide more accessible assistance, and treatment that has real functional outcomes.

My goal for creating this sculpture is to offer an insight into the experiences of mental health of the artist, and to create an opportunity for dialogue regarding mental health issues, including lack of effective treatments, and difficulty accessing affordable treatment. Canada has become more open in discussing mental illness, in part through the Bell program of Let's Talk. I would like to continue this conversation through my sculpture, using it as a catalyst for discussion, awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding mental health.


​​​Part of the exhibition included the installation of 'A Distant Memory 2', an edition created solely for this exhibition.  SOLD

A Distant Memory 2 (2018)

One last incarnation - post ECT. The sculpture shows that following ECT, for this artist, the options remaining for treatment appear to be few. 

The inside shows how alone someone with mental illness can feel, even when surrounded by others.