'Gluttony' (2017). Leather, grommets, fork. 
​6.5" x 12" x 3". 

A pink leather bib to collect the messes from overconsumption of goods, with a handy fork for the next snack.

​All three photos: M.L.

Both photos: M.L.

Wrath’ (2018). Tulle with ribbon, woolen balls, dyed leaf skeletons, ribbon.

A really itchy necklace just to irritate one who is already incensed with wrath, and who has a fire of coals with flames just waiting to reignite.

Photo: M.L

Photo credits: either Marlisha Lewis (M.L) or Fiona Legg (F.L)

​The Missing Sin

‘Pride’ (2017) Paverpol, canvas, acrylic paint, pure copper paint, Pebeo paint, copper wire, peacock feathers. 13" x 13" x 1".

A collar of copper, purple and peacock feathers, which should appeal to those who believe themselves to be more superior, and better looking, than everyone else.

​​‘Lust’ (2017) Dyed wool, dyed leather, metal collar, ribbon. 12" x 28" x 3".

On a bisexual mannequin, red dyed wool and pink leather is stitched into shapes that resemble the female anatomy to create the necklace of Lust.

Photo: F.L.

After creating the 'Careless Remnants' series, I started thinking about why humans do the destructive things that they do - what causes us to be so careless with our home and environment?

With a lot of research, I ended up on the Seven Sins - which is an old concept, but one that I feel does summarize the various reasons why the planet is suffering so badly at this time. However,  I have always felt very strongly that the worst of all human traits is cruelty, and felt the list was incomplete without it being represented - so I have included 'Cruelty' as well.  

This is a series of necklaces based on the Seven Sins. I chose to make necklaces because I felt they were an effective base with which I could create the message of the sins - plus, they would be lovely to look at, which I feel is important both for joy to the viewer and also to interest the viewer to look more closely.

​Both photos: M. L. 

All four photos: F. L. 

Photo: F.L.

‘Sloth’ (2018) Paverpol, fabric, plastic drop beads.

Sloth refers to turning a blind eye when help is needed; ignoring pleas for help; and being impervious to the needs of others. This necklace can permit the wearer to ignore what is going on around them, with the pleas falling off them like water droplets.


1. Art in House, Barrie (may/june, 2018)

2. Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville. Jan/feb 2019

3. Article" Creative with Workbox

‘Greed’ (2017) Foam, wool roving, thread. 14" x 23" x 21". 

A very heavy, all surrounding necklace of needle felted golden coins wears down and enslaves the wearer, who is prioritizing the acquisition of goods over all other aspects of life. DESTROYED.


​All three photos: F. L.

Cruelty’ (2018). Wire, pure copper paint, wood base, black spray paint, nails.

This necklace embodies cruelty – one can imagine its use on a victim, as well as potentially being worn by the sinner as a sign of what they are capable. DESTROYED.

Both photos: M. L. 

​photo: M.L.

Envy’ (2017) Wood, acrylic and Pebeo paint, ribbon, leather, Turkish glass pendant, metal collar, metal hooks. 13" x 13" x 13". 

Envy is not only depicted by the colour green, and the Turkish evil eye – but also by the wood painted gold to indicate that things that we covet frequently do not have the value we think they do.

​All three photos: F.L.