'Pride' (2017). 13" x 13" x 1". Canvas, Paverpol, copper wire, copper paint, Pebeo paint, acrylic, peacock feathers. 

'Envy' (2017). 13" x 13" x 13". Leather, ribbon, wood, turkish evil eye glass charm, screws, wire, acrylic. 

​The Missing Sin

'Lust' (2017). Wool, leather, ribbon, and metal collar. 12" x 28" x 3". 

'Gluttony' (2017). Leather, grommets, fork. 

​6.5" x 12" x 3". 

A work in progress....

After creating the 'Careless Remnants' series, I started thinking about why humans do the destructive things that they do - what causes us to be so careless with our home and environment?

With a lot of research, I ended up on the Seven Sins - which is an old concept, but one that I feel does summarize the various reasons why the planet is suffering so badly at this time. However,  I have always felt very strongly that the worst of all human traits is cruelty, and felt the list was incomplete without it being represented - so I have included 'Cruelty' as well.  

This is a series of necklaces based on the Seven Sins. I chose to make necklaces because I felt they were an effective base with which I could create the message of the sins - plus, they would be lovely to look at, which I feel is important both for joy to the viewer and also to interest the viewer to look more closely.

​'Greed' (2017). 14" x 23" x 21". Needle felted wool on foam.