What Lies Beneath (2018)

A global community based project regarding menstruation


This project, created by Fiona Legg (mixed media sculptor), was designed to bring awareness to both women and men regarding the wide variety of issues around menstruation that affect people on this planet. 

The project consists of two parts: 

1. I have fabricated about 150 sanitary pads out of fabric of a map of the world, and have distributed them to any interested person - their task: to somehow (sew, paint, print etc.) mark the pad in red with an image or words about an issue that is relevant to menstruation. It could be personal, political, historical or even funny. 

Participants literally range from local (Barrie, Ontario) to from around the globe. Such a terrific response !

2. Now that I have received most of the pads back, I will be: 

a) posting them on this website for people to explore

b) creating 8 sculptures highlighting this issue, utilizing the sanitary pads.

I will be looking for opportunities to publicize and exhibit this sculpture within Canada to attempt to advocate and educate around menstruation. 

This is very much a communal effort, and will be marketed as such. I have already received some really moving letters accompanying the pads, and if possible, I intend to exhibit these as well (personal identifiers removed) as I think they add a valuable human dimension to this project. 

Thank  you to all who are participating - for your time, thought, skill, and for making this project raw, real and personal. 


All of the contributed sanitary pads, and any accompanying letters - from around the globe. 


See the sculpture page for the sculptures created for this project.